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  • Internet Scam Busters - The premier publication on internet fraud. Avoid getting ripped off by internet scams, fraud, misinformation and hype.
  • Scam Alerts and Information - Covers personal scams, investment scams, job scams, automotive scams, charity scams, work at home scams, business scams and more.
  • Quack Watch - by Stephen Barrett M.D. and colleagues. An extensive web site explaining how promoters of quack treatments work and how they make a profit from an unsuspecting general public. The Email comments page makes interesting reading.
  • Quack Files - this web site is to provide links and information, stimulate debate, and exchange ideas regarding healthcare, health fraud, quackery, alternative medicine, metaphysics, religion, etc., often spiced with sarcasm and humor.
  • Rip Off Report - Research and share consumer frauds, rip-offs and get advice on how to get your money back.
  • Health Facts and Fears - Dedicated to providing accurate medical facts and debunking myths and pseudoscience.
  • The National Council Against Health Fraud - Enhancing freedom of choice through reliable health information.
  • Rat Bags - One alternative health skeptic's answer to the proliferation of quack web sites.
  • Anti-Quackery Ring - Your one-stop portal to practically all the anti-quackery, health fraud debunking sites that exist?