nutrients needed to grow scalp hair are robbed by face and body hair !
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Apparently some scam artists suggest that body hair takes all the nutrients needed to grow hair and this robs scalp hair of the nutrients they need. This then causes the follicles on top of the head to become dormant and the hair to fall out. Why body hair follicles are able to get all the nutrients they need but scalp hair follicles cannot is never explained. However, they suggest that hair loss can be easily reversed by removing the new hair growth from the root. They suggest that removing the body hair using tweezers, or better still their unique organic hair removing solution, will enable scalp hair to regrow again.

It is possible that men with lots of body hair are more likely to develop pattern alopecia. Testosterone encourages body hair growth but it promotes androgenetic alopecia in scalp hair. So hight levels of testosterone for one man may mean lots of body hair but also a greater likihood of developing androgenetic alopecia. However, removing body hair does nothing to encourage scalp hair growth as the testosterone levels are still the same and still acting on the scalp hair. Many women and some men regularly remove body hair but have no apparent scalp hair improvement.

There is a simple example that demonstrates that lack of nutrients reaching the scalp is not the cause of androgenetic alopecia. If Lack of nutrient supply to the scalp (for whatever reason) caused hair loss then hair transplantation would not work. Hair transplants take hair from the back of the scalp and put it on top. If nutrient deficiency was the cause of hair loss then these transplanted follicles would also be affected. However, they successfully grow and show no signs of nutrient deficiency.