improves blood circulation to hair follicles !
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Some suggest that alopecia is due to poor blood circulation. The shark then goes on to offer a product that will improve blood circulation and thereby promote hair regrowth. The lack of blood supply explanation for pattern baldness has been around for many years in different shapes and forms. Some even use minoxidil as an example. Minoxidil is a drug that causes vasodilation. It also causes hair regrowth for some people and is widely available as a topical treatment for both men and women with hair loss. However, there are many vasodilator drugs available but only minoxidil has hair growth promoting properties. This indicates that minoxidil has two different actions, one on hair follicles and one on blood vessels. It is most likely just coincidence that that the two properties can be attributed to the same drug.

Ask yourself this question. If lack of blood circulation was the cause of androgenetic alopecia then why would hair transplants work? In transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the back of the head and placed in the areas of supposed poor blood circulation. You would expect the transplanted hair follicles to wither and die in their new blood deficient environment if the poor blood circulation environment hypothesis was correct. The transplanted follicles do not die and hair transplantation is a very successful procedure when done properly.

You want to improve blood circulation to your scalp? I will tell you an easy and cheap method. Go down to your local food supermarket. Buy yourself a big packet of extra hot vindaloo curry powder. Mix it with a little vegetable oil and water. Apply it liberally to your scalp. If that doesn't improve your scalp blood supply nothing will (don't take my flippant comments seriously, this is not a recommendation!!!).