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In the long history of alopecia there has been an equally long history of "miracle" cures. Ancient Egyptians developed a wide variety of treatments for baldness such as a concoction of fat from a lion, a hippopotamus, a crocodile, a goose, a snake, and ibex, to be liberally applied to bald skin! Cleopatras' baldness cure for Julius Caesar was a compound of ground up burnt domestic mice, horse teeth, bear grease, and deer. Maybe it did not cure baldness but with that smelly decomposing compound on your head people didn't hang around you long enough to notice how much hair you had lost! Throughout history there has been no shortage of people offering the ultimate cure and guaranteeing a luxuriant head of hair, usually for a very special price!

From past times and the present day there are thousands of recipes for baldness. Dogs' urine, spider webs, egg yolks, cow saliva, German army horse salve, practically anything organic has been quoted as a baldness cure at sometime, somewhere, by someone. Books with instructions to improve hair growth also abound. These books may be bought at considerable cost and frequently involve medication or physical exercises such standing on you head to increase blood flow to the scalp. Sometimes technical wizardry is employed such as the use of suction pumps applied to the scalp to increase scalp blood flow.

Despite all these miracle cures there still seem to be an awful lot of people walking around who have hair loss. That might seem to suggest that the claims made for these wonder cures are not as realistic as they could be. This web site aims to inform and educate about quack cures for hair loss. To explain what a quack hair growth product is and how to spot one. With the expansion of the Internet the need for such a web site has become vital. There are literally hundreds of web sites selling any number of cures for hair loss and there are millions of people with hair loss looking for a cure. This web site may help you to navigate through the numerous claims and counter claims made for hair growth products and help you to avoid wasting your money and time on useless products.