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It is in human nature to want the underdog to win, at least just once. Snake oil sellers can play on this by making you believe they are "David" to the authorities and officials "Goliath". A number of deceiving web sites claim their product has been ignored by the established dermatological community. A few web sites even display copies of letters apparently posted to the Federal Drug Administration or dermatological organizations decrying their rejection of this or that wonder cure.

We can all identify with the little man struggling against the faceless giants of government, tax collectors, or scientific bodies. We have been there and done that ourselves, we know what it is like. Con artists will use our weaknesses, and our wish to side with the little people, to their best advantage. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA has investigated around 250,000 claims for products that regrow hair. All but three (minoxidil 2%, minoxidil 5%, Propecia) have been rejected as worthless.