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The money back guarantee is a popular method of gaining your trust. You cannot fail to loose can you? If it does not work you can send it back and obtain your money. Many legitimate businesses use this practice, particularly when trying to promote a new and unfamiliar product.

However, market research shows that very few of us actually bother to ask for our money back on a substandard product. The time and hassle is apparently too much for most of us. Con artists know this too and use the money back guarantee knowing most people will most likely throw their product in the trash when it does not work. Other fraudsters won't leave anything to chance. They may offer a money back guarantee but then tell you must use the product for several months to see if there are any results. In several months time their web site and contact details may no longer be valid. Alternatively, they may add clauses to the money back guarantee. Perhaps you must use the product following instructions to the letter. When the product fails to work the seller may claim you did not follow the instructions properly and so you forfeit any right to your money back.

Of course, some may simply outright ignore your demands for your money back.