how do they get away with it ?
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halls hair renewerHow do they get away with it? There's one born every minute that's how. We have all been scammed, myself included. Some schemes are extremely clever - if only the people behind it were to put their intelligence to more positive use. Some people with hair loss are desperate and they are willing to listen to anyone who claims they have a cure. On the face of it, hair loss is a simple problem and that must mean there is a simple answer right? Given the millions of dollars drug companies have spent and are spending on alopecia research I think a simple answer would have been identified by now. Hair loss is actually a very complex mechanism and involves input from various body organs (hormone production), genetics, and the environment. A cure for alopecia with 100% success will be very complex.

The authorities only have limited finances and simply can not keep up with all the new schemes. The schemes have to be identified, the claims for the product have to be analyzed, the scam artist behind the claims has to be found. It takes time and money to build a case and take someone to court.

With specific reference to the Internet, there is of course no effective regulation of web sites. Given web sites are available worldwide there is no international law available to stop impossible claims for miracle cures. With no Internet regulation, web surfers are easy prey for the sharks.