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Too good to be true If is sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
Scam tactics introduction Snake oil sellers have many tricks to make you part with your money
Hair snake oils The scam may have moved into the computer age but the objective is the same - to make you part with your money!
What is quackery Defining what exactly quackery is can be difficult!
Weasel words and phrases Weasel words and phrases can be found on many web sites selling snake oils
Playing the underdog Some snake oil sellers like to exploit your sense of fair play to sell their product
Money back guarantee If sellers are giving a money back guarantee on a product it must work right? Wrong!
Confiding in you Making you feel special breaks down your normal defences against being duped
Peoples desperation Snake oil sellers are not averse to exploiting people who are emotionally affected by their hair loss
Avoiding direct claims Product sellers often avoid making specific claims about their product but lead you to think their product will help your hair regrow
Association with reputable ideas Those who want to sell a dubious product may try and gain respectability by associating themselves with reputable people, organizations, and scientific ideas
Avoiding blind comparison Product sellers often avoid comparing the effectiveness of their product to a well known brand
Success rate statistics Some snake oil sellers may avoid giving you information on just how effective their product is, or they may just plain lie!
Professional publication claims Those who want to sell a dubious product may try and gain respectability by claiming their product or their research has been published by magazines or medical journals
Professional qualification claims Snake oil sellers may try to make themselves more respectable by claiming to have professional qualifications
Non-recognized credentials Some "wonder cure" inventors like to claim many scientific credentials, but often these qualifications are not worth the paper they are written on
Professional claims Should you believe someone when they say they are "the worlds number one hair regrowth expert"?
Expensive products The more expensive and exclusive a product the more likely you are to believe it works!
Personal recommendations One of the most convincing ways to sell you a hair regrowth product is to give you testimonials from previous users
How do they get away with it? Testimonials about a product may sound fantastic, but should you really believe them?
Reporting false products to the authorities Options for USA residents wanting to report a quack product