this is a hair loss cure !
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A cure is a course of treatments that eventually removes the cause of the hair loss disease such that the individual can stop taking the medicine and still have hair growth. Millions of dollars spent on research each year and hundreds of scientists are involved in hair loss research, but so far western medicine does not have any "cures" available for chronic hair loss diseases.

It is unlikely then that an individual or small manufacturing company will have found a "cure". Indeed, it is not in their interests to find a cure. They would prefer you kept coming back and buying more of their product so they can make more profit. The same laws of profit making apply to sellers of alternative health products and snake oils as to large pharmaceutical companies. In fact for the snake oil sellers, they must do everything they can to make you buy more of their product because usually this is their only product and their only source of income. Larger pharmaceutical companies have many drugs and usually cosmetics too so their income is spread across a range of products and not just one.

When some one claims to have found a "cure" ask yourself what do they really mean by that statement? It may not be a cure, rather you may have to keep taking it for ever for any hair growth to develop. The same is true for FDA approved hair loss treatments.