dermatologists don't want you to know about our cure !
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ayers hair vigorAnother frequent claim is "this cure was kept secret by the dermatological establishment so that they won't be put out of business". The statement immediately makes the reader feel he/she is an informed consumer. It seems to make sense. A cure would put dermatologists out of business right? Wrong. Most dermatologists do not exclusively consult on alopecia. Patients with alopecia are a small minority in 90% dermatology clinics. Plus, many dermatologists are not reliant on their patients for an income. Many are engaged in prepaid health plans, group practice, full-time teaching, and government service. Also consider that in many countries around the world (such as the UK) health is a nationalized service. Doctors receive the same salary no matter how many or how few patients they see with hair loss. Doctors are becoming increasingly busy as people are more willing to seek consultation. Reducing the workload is seen as a good thing by most dermatologists.

From another point of view, if there was a miracle cure ask yourself who would be in the best position to make most money from it? Dermatologists of course! Administering that cure, even a one time application cure, would most likely be done by dermatologists. Given most people desperately want to keep or get back their hair, they will pay a large amount of money to a dermatologist who would then make a nice profit. Even with a permanent cure there will still be a constant stream of people with alopecia walking thorough the dermatologist's door as the next generation grows up and develops hair loss. A legitimate example is hair transplantation. It works very well and it is a one time treatment. Hair transplantation is a highly profitable venture for any dermatologist.

Finally, it flies in the face of logic to believe that large numbers of people would oppose the development of treatment methods that might help themselves, their family, or friends. Dermatologists worry about their hair loss too!