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This amazing cure comes from Eastern Europe/India/China! Miracle cures from obscure places makes it virtually impossible to find independent evidence to confirm the claim
We really care! We really care about your money!
No side effects! And no beneficial effects either!
This is a hair loss cure! Can you be sure they mean what you think they mean?
Time tested cure! Time is more likely to test how effective a master of quackery is in making you part with your money!
We have no money for research! Research to produce valid scientific evidence that a product promotes hair regrowth does not have to be expensive
Dermatologists don't want you to know about our cure! If the "cure" is a snake oil then yes dermatologists don't want you to know about it
We are being persecuted by dermatologists! Dermatologists will welcome the finder of a cure for hair loss with open arms!
We have convincing photographic evidence! Convincing evidence that the camera does lie!
We have convincing testimonials! From whom exactly?